The Essential Elements of a Landing Page

Landing Page Example

Even if you can’t define a landing page, chances are you have not only seen one, but you’ve used one to enter a contest or gain access to a free guide or a whitepaper.

So, what exactly is a landing page and how could it benefit your business?

A landing page is a webpage with that offers something of value in exchange for the user’s contact information. At its most basic, the page includes a headline, a short description of the offer and a contact form. Having at least one active landing page on your site could help you add prospects to your database who you can nurture and turn into customers.
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Tips for Writing an Effective Bio

Tips for writing a business bio

Whether you’re writing your own bio for LinkedIn or a colleague’s bio for your website, the task can be more challenging than you might expect.

Most of us struggle to talk about ourselves. Even if you’re comfortable expressing your accolades and experience, you may still have questions when it comes to composing your business-related bio. The following are just a few queries that could enter your mind as you sit down to write about yourself or a colleague.
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