Best Practices for Proofreading

Proofreading tips

You may have written an insightful and groundbreaking whitepaper or the cleverest social media post. If you’ve made a typo or a grammatical error, though, your hard work might not have the effect you had intended.

First impressions, especially in this age of short attention spans, are of utmost importance. One misspelling or misplaced apostrophe in your blog post, email subject line or digital ad can turn off potential customers. Believe it or not, your very credibility can be negatively affected by the improper use of grammar. Details really do matter.

Careful proofreading can help you avoid embarrassment and even loss of revenue. If you’re not the world’s best speller or you’ve forgotten your lessons in English class, don’t despair. We have a few best practices to share with you.
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Writing for Your Customers

How to write marketing content for your customers

You probably write some kind of content for your customers every day. It may be an email in response to one person or it may be ad copy for a larger audience, but you’re still communicating with your customers. And they are making judgments based on what you say and how you say it. That is why writing with the customer in mind is so important.

The next time you have to write something for your website, an advertisement, or a brochure, stop and consider who your audience is first. Ideally, your audience is all of your customers, future, current, and even former ones. You want to make sure what you say resonates with those people who will purchase your goods or services.
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